How to link school calendar

Use the following iCal address to link the School Calendar to your personal calendar.

Google Calendar

Open Google Calendar. Click on the drop down next to Other Calendars. In the pop-up select Add by URL.

Paste the ICAL address. Paste iCal address in URL field. Click Add Calendar.


Open Outlook. Click on the Tools menu and select Account Settings (or File than Account Settings in Outlook 2010). Click the Internet Calendars tab, and then click the New button.

Paste the ICAL address. You can press Ctrl + V to paste. Click Add to input the calendar. Name the calendar in the Folder Name field, and then press OK.


Create a new calendar and name it.

Paste the ICAL address. Right click (command click) on the calendar and select Subscribe from menu. Enter ICAL address. Select your options and click OK.