Beiratkozás - Registration

1. Iskola Beiratkozás – School Registration

Given our current roster of over 80 children, registration for the School is only open to existing students. We are accepting applicants for a waitlist, and will accommodate waitlisted students depending on the size and space for the relevant class.

Waitlist Registration

2. ECL Hungarian Languange Exam

The Csik Hago Hungarian School is an Accredited Regional Examination Center for ECL.

ECL language exam of Hungarian is provided twice a year (June, December), it assesses candidates' command of the Hungarian language in written (reading test and guided composition) and oral(listening comprehension and speaking).

Exams can be taken by people of all ages, ranging from teenagers (from the age of 14) to adults, at four levels: A2 (beginner), B1 (elementary), B2 (intermediate) and C1 (advanced). Candidates have the opportunity to take a partial (either oral or written) or a complete exam.

The next planned date is June 6th 2020. Location is TBD.

About objectives, structure and other characteristics of ECL find out more on the ECL website.

ECL Vizsgaszabályzat

ECL Hungarian Language Exam Registration